Staff Spotlight: Meet our President, Brian Deming

Brian Deming, President                         Staff Spotlight – April

Brian has been with MIG Construction since 2007 – in which time he’s applied his previous experience in the industry to enrich our environment, and learned things from us that have advanced his experience.  It’s been a great partnership and we look forward to several continued years with him leading the team!


Brian is a respected leader within the company and he does a great job extending his experience and knowledge to our appreciative staff.  A day in the life of Brian is pretty busy!  In addition to being President of the company, he does some work as Project Executive/Manager on many of our projects!  Brian would say that his favorite part of his job is building and supporting teams to create great projects.

Before MIG, Brian worked for Giffels Associates (now IBI Group, Southfield).  He is a graduate of Wayne State University (Go Warriors Tartars!) and has lived in and loved the Detroit area all along.

Brian is enjoying getting his oldest off to College and watching youngest in Gymnastics competitions.  He is a proud father of two daughters, He enjoys backpacking, running and watching Detroit sports teams.  His favorite landmark in Detroit is the Guardian Building.

Brian’s employees say that he is a great role model within the company and cares very much for the success of his Staff.  They note that he works tirelessly and with great effort to meet deadlines and to wow the Clients.  Another of his employees remarks that regardless of the day, time – or workload – he always has a smiling face and willingness to help/direct any way that he can! Brian is a fundamental part of the positive work environment available for #TeamMIG!

Thanks for taking the time to meet Brian!  Every month will feature a new staff member, so check back for updates!

Staff Spotlight: Meet our President, Brian Deming

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