MiG calms the heart of a little Animal Activist

There is usually a rhyme or reason for everything in life; though sometimes we may not know what they are.  As professionals in the construction industry, we often understand why certain things are placed or structured the way they are; but maybe someone outside of the industry would wonder.

So, here we have a story of a Mom who is raising an adorable little activist – and they had to consult the professionals (us) to gain clarity about why something exists.

Meet Isabella – age 6.  While riding around in the car, paying attention to her surroundings, she has noticed that some retailers and businesses use “bird spikes” to image1deter birds from nesting and making home in signage on buildings.  Isabella took the opportunity to discuss her concern with a store manager who introduced himself to her and her family during a normal shopping trip.  She, at that time, also declared that she would no longer shop at this retailer because she was upset about how they were treating the birds.

Isabella’s Mom, wanting to support something so important to her little girl and encourage her to continue standing up for what she believes in, decided to stop shopping at that store for the sake of honoring her boycott.  However, this is her favorite grocery store!  Not quite understanding the reasoning herself, she asks one of MiG’s own Project Engineers – why? What benefit do they serve the birds?

Stephen Barcus, Project Engineer, explained: “Companies choose to do this to protect both the birds and the people. If a certain breed of bird nests in the signage that happens to have an aggressive nature, they may try to protect their eggs by being unfriendly to the humans around it. Further, there may be other breeds of birds that are frightened by the humans and may abandon their nests.  This also protects the birds and the nests from being threatened, removed or damaged during routine cleanings of the store building and signage. Certainly there are other reasons, like protecting the property and people from bodily waste from the birds (which can be corrosive and clog gutters/sumps) – and the fact that it’s not natural for a bird to nest in an industrial space and the hope that they’ll return to nature instead.”

Manufacturers of the bird spikes design them hoping to simply deter the bird from landing there, not to actually hurt them if they do try to land.  There is no solid footing for a bird to land on, and they are unlikely to try.

An explanation like this, from a construction expert, can certainly help calm the heart of a little animal activist and we are hoping that it helps the little one want to continue to support her Mom’s favorite grocer to know that they are not doing this to hurt the birds.

Isabella’s Mom notes that while they were boycotting one retailer and shopping another, Isabella noticed the aquariums at that store and wanted to buy all of the fish to release into the lakes.  Have fun with that one, Mom!

Thanks for sharing in our little experience, compliments of MiG Construction!

by Robin Slawnyk

MiG calms the heart of a little Animal Activist

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